Film Review: Kwaito or Nothing


{I} could not help it but think of Zulu Boy while watching this flick. Menzi Biyela cuts his teeth deeper into a fully fledged film. Unlike the Capfin advertisements he is synonymous known for here his acting talent surfaces. He stars as Mondli the taxi driver from Umlazi. He is brought to Gauteng by Baba Tshabalala a.k.a Mshengo (Emmanuel Nkosi) to work for him in the city with the last of his taxi’s

Menzi Biyela is Mondli in Kwaito or Nothing. image source:
Menzi Biyela is Mondli in Kwaito or Nothing. image source:

You see following the death of his wife the over protective old stubborn man decided to sell the fleet of his taxis and retire to his house in the city, which if one comes to think of, is curiously a reverse of what normal people usually do when they retire. The last time we checked people want peace and quite when they go on retirement.

But in any case, in hindsight, this should not come as a surprise as Mondli, the taxi driver, stimulated by his homesickness to sing, unravel a singing talent he has long been familiar with but did not see it as something that could be regarded as a career. This is where Mshengo’s daughter Sfundo (Gugulethu Mhlebi) steps in as a catalyst to spur Mondli to become a Kwaito star by arranging a meeting with DJ Snipes (Kagisho Diseko). There is a hint of nuanced unscrupulous behaviour often associated with music producers at one scene but this does not find fruition in the discourse that this work erects. In any case Kwaito or Nothing is somewhat a coming of age tale and it is a surprisingly watchable film: it delivers a mild three dEF’Points out of five dEF’Points


30 June

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