Film Review: The Ring

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There are works that simply repeat what we have seen before by just changing the context within which their narratives are rooted and then push the narratives towards us. One, supposedly a discerning viewer, can forgive such narratives for their repetitive swing if they are adorned with strong points in their construction. If the work is revisionist in its take of the subject matter concerned then the discerning viewer is in for a treat. If there is a lack in this regard but the work makes up for it in its actors performances or its production design which may represent a strong center point in the delivery of the narrative, the viewer – discerning or lay, may be forgiving as far as the failure of the work to advance story telling is concerned. The Ring, which falls in the latter spectrum is rescued by an ensemble of its actors as it tries to impress

Thami (Mackmillian Leshomo) proposes to his long time girlfriend, Mpumi (Sivenathi Mabuya) with a ring he picked up in a hotel room where he works. he does not know that the ring belongs to his girlfriend’s mother, Josephina (Sanna Mcunu) who together with the father, Vuyani (Kenneth Nkosi) happen to have spent an evening at the Magic Hotel, his place of work, and subsequently lost the ring there. Meanwhile matters worsens as Mpumi’s successful ex-boyfriend, Clinton (Cedric Fourie) wants her back and Mpumi’s parents would rather prefer she married him that he.

°»Leshomo is believably funny as the main protagonist and this film seem to be a set stage customized for him«°

When he realize that the ring belongs to his mother in law to be Thami, our protagonist, would cringe his way for the remainder of the forty odd minutes of this fifty something minutes flick, heart warming us here and overdoing it there as he tries to be the ideal boyfriend. Leshomo is believably funny as the main protagonist and this film seem to be a set stage customized for him. Perhaps in the near future Macmillian Leshomo would go on to be mentioned amongst the greatest comics adorning our national screen. It will all depend on the roles that would come his way though. Presently his performance, which fits him like a mitt, is balanced by the delectable performances of Nkosi and Mcunu.

The Ring attempts to be funny while it deals with the overcooked classic tale of love. Is there anything to say in this theme? Not really, except for the reshuffle of the sign system and point of view vis-à-vis perspective. Despite a few strong points here and there this film has its moments but offers us nothing new. It whispers to us a feather light 2deF’Points out of Five: ♦ ♦ /- – –


13 December

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