About Intraparadox


Intraparadox is a site or a platform where I interview artists with an interest of unearthing their background, their inspiration and their interests. To get to know artists a little bit better. The ultimate aim of Intraparadox series of recordings is to build an archive of contemporary South African artists’ biographies. To write art history, differently. Welcome to Intraparadox!

Intraparadox Trailer

Mmutle Arthur Kgokong lives in the City of Tshwane – South Africa, he is a Visual Art Project Strategist and an enthusiastic Blogger. Based at the Pretoria Art Museum as a Cultural Officer, over the years, Kgokong has built expertise that spans over two decades working in the cultural field, particularly in the visual arts, as a project coordinator, mentor and advisor.

 ©Mmutle Arthur Kgokong, 2009 – 2021

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