Mmutle Arthur Kgokong through the eyes of Viola Greyling (19November2021)

When you have a conversation with an artist, curious to know more about them and their art practice you get enveloped into their perception qua-lexicon via their jargon. It is an experience par excellence. Welcome to the lexical galaxy, welcome to Intraparadox.... may we find the artist. 

Intraparadox, Lerato Motaung, a hexagonical experience

Lerato Motaung’s work initiate a conversation long overdo. A conversation that acknowledges the male identity, like its counterpart, as a social construct. It is a result of nurture. His most identifiable icon, multiple eyes, speaks of an unsettled condition wherein our awareness of our identity and place in the society is continuously questioned.… Read More Intraparadox, Lerato Motaung, a hexagonical experience

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Bring Washboards & Mirrors Tat’ Zanemvula

Washboards and Mirrors is a visual artistic exposition of one of our remarkable authors in Southern Africa and the United States alive today. And like the fictional worlds Mda has constructed over the years the exhibition resists straight-jacketing. This exhibition affords scholars of Mda’s work a rare insight into his other creative terrain and as such; as a documentation that is, it will go on to present an inter-disciplinary occasion between Mda’s contributions in both literature and the visual arts.   … Read More Bring Washboards & Mirrors Tat’ Zanemvula

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Intraparadox, An Interview with Andrea du Plessis, Interplay Origins

In this interception, I have a conversation with the artist herself following her winning of SASOL New Signatures Art Competition 2021. Our conversation traces her earlier attempts at entering the art competition, the development of her art practice and the evolution of the ideas and techniques that made Paloceae Lupantoza come into being.… Read More Intraparadox, An Interview with Andrea du Plessis, Interplay Origins

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Lerato Motaung. Victim of Wicked Overseer (2021). Acrylic on canvas. 103.4 x 117 cm
Intrabyte: This work can be seen at this year's SASOL New Signatures Art Competition on at the Pretoria Art Museum until 09 January 2022. In acrylic that represents a street vendor, Motaung assets that (sic) 'the By-laws governing street trade are confusing and licenses are hard to get, leaving many street vendors vulnerable to harassment and confiscations' at the hands of the police[my italics]. Despite its conceptual consideration 'Victim of Wicked Overseer' hints at the adeptness of Motaung to work in different styles within the same picture plane.