#theWriterlyBugJuice(v)31/03/16-The Shadow of the big boss

  Critical distance affords those who watch unfolding events from a distance a vantage viewpoint. For the actors in the unfolded events only in hindsight can they make sense of the nexus of those events. We were not actually sure but it was there, like a hunch that everybody feels at the same time but …

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Brenda Ngxoli

There is a scene in the last episode of the season finale of Rockville S3, Episode 13 (Ferguson Films), Lindi (Mbali Mlotshwa) and Gladys (Brenda Ngxoli) are at the Clinic for Lindi's abortion. Brenda Ngxoli gives a powerful performance as she lets her skeletons out that she aborted a baby during her teens and as …

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Speed Blog: 21 September 1976

Over this nothing compares to when a silent friend whom has fallen off the radar chips in as well to the happy birthday mount. Ah, It revives one’s hope in second chances in friendship and cements one’s positive resolution in one’s faith in humanity. So I would like to thank you all in advance for being in my life and for your support in my life’s work especially as far as the writerly is concerned for reading my textual spins and weaves.