For Sale Project Exhibition 2012

However if I may be allowed the privilege to give a general commentary on creativity itself I would like to offer that the artist, the creative person whatever the vocation of creativity that they are grappling with, for them concentration is everything. For in their pursuit to reach the original artwork the artist must work hard ceaselessly. Then I believe that they will reach a state wherein there is a ceaseless stream of consciousness towards creative art production. It is in that state that the artist will produce remarkable work that can claim a place in visual art history. In the future students of the arts will come across their names and work. And this is the highest ideal that art energy should try and attain through the life of the artist. The artist can channel it only without compromising hard work.


Neo Resistance Art and its Fallacy

Let us acknowledge that once the artwork goes public and holds its attention the artist is grabbling with external stimuli however the mode within which the artist is grappling with the issues concern shifts and heightens from personal to public. When the ground on which he operates shifts and heightens unfortunately for him He is no longer a private person entitled to their personal views, he speaks to the people for the people. The artist is no longer on a personal journey but he has harnessed the interests of the people. Positively he will be seen as endorsing the interests of those whose values he upholds and negatively he has taken a confrontational stance towards those who are opposed to the ideals reflected in his work. By hook or crook he now represents the ideals of a particular group of the society within which his practicing exists. He is positioned.

A gentle invasion of Auke De Vries

On the walls there are preparatory drawings of these sculptures on show. Outside above a flowing river that feeds the ponds and lakes of Nirox a robust metropolis nest sculpture made out of stainless steel is suspended. And still outside there are several sculptures, about three meters high, across the green pathway that leads to the Studio Gallery.

Joe de Beer's Departure Art Exhibition

Art functions simultaneously at two levels, on the one hand it is a commodity and on the other it is a reflection of the artist’s meditation on life: The lived experience that the artist has personalized as stills of moments either in symbolic form or as direct commentary of what the artist feels ought to …

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