hire mmutleak

You can now commissioned me to do a write up on your own resident artist if you are a gallery. Perhaps you are an artist and would like to have someone else write about you or an art organization that runs an art activity which you wish to publicize. In both instances you will own the copyright of the work when complete however since my name remains an intact brand at all times it must be acknowledged at all times in any reproduction that you so wish to share the work.


  1. Interview commission – 60 Minutes per session = R 1 500.00
  2. Article writing – R 2.50 per word
  3. Transcript generation – R 3.50 per word

Example of an overall writing project cost estimate:

Item billed Duration Cost
1 Interview commission 60 Minutes per session R 1 500.00
2 Article writing R 2.50 per word for 1000 words R 2 500.00
3 Interview Transcript generation R 3.50 per word for 1 000 words R 3 500.00
Estimated commission value
R 7 500.00
  • Please note I can only do Tshwane/Pretoria based work and that my writing is only limited within the visual arts.  You can hire me to do one of the listed items above or all of them. In each instances you will be required to pay a deposit after our agreement on the writing project goal commission, wherein deadlines are specified in writing, for work to commence. Hiring will only be accepted in advance not impromptu, allow me a month for the entire project commission to be facilitated and completed especially if you would like to have all all aspects of the service to be rendered.
  • What you can expect after the completion of the writing project
  1. Interview Transcript (True to conversation and not drastically edited as i feel that way it is closer to the source)
  2. Article (Wherein i try to articulate the subject dealt with)
  3. Audio file (Bonus)

Or 1 or 2 of the items listed above

  • What I expect from you as a client
  1. I will allow you a period of 24 hours upon the delivery of the work to appeal for errors or shortcomings, in writing.
  2. I will allow you a period of 24 hours  for the balance owed to me to be paid in full.
  3. There is no discount or negotiation once the commissioned has been agreed upon in writing. We may only work within agreed terms. Any new matter I will consider as a new project to be pursuit at a later stage.
  4. I only accept electronic payments.