Generations 16

Whether you watch soap operas or not if, somewhere down the line in your past you’ve been told that you’re not worth what you ask for, for a job well done, you will relate with the axed Generations actors whose acting careers are hanging by thin threads of an old blanky. Apparently they were fired for toyi-toying for a descent wage offer. This is a duel that has been going on for a year or so. To fire en masse pivotal actors of a prime time series is unheard of. How are you going to push the fundamental narrative? It might just give you enough courage to recall the death of Mpiyakhe Zungu on Isibaya season one, how his untimely death infuriated viewers to an extent that they threatened to boycott the series. Viewer continue to watch watched after being reassured of the fact that the plot was being concocted. The outcry on social network died into a hiss and Zungu was brought back as a Zombie.