Shifting the boundary: Interview with Nthabiseng Rachel Montshiwa

I think South African contemporary Art should always mark the social politics there should not be a compromise by the author on what kind of subject matter you focus on and also your technicality must not be compromised because you are looking into new media you should always base your media or medium into what kind of financial background you have and also do not apologize for what you are doing technologically extravagant focus on South African social politics in current issues there shouldn’t be a compromised on in terms of the artists media or technicalities base you media into what financial background you have. And also Do not apologize for wanting to be technologically extravagant, I think art is a history tool, it is a historical tool and in this case one should always focus on what’s current what’s affecting us in terms visual language, because an aesthetic is not technicality. An artwork is a message not necessarily a good aesthetic where people should always be enjoying your work but also the reference to it is more important than what you see in a gallery but also taking into consideration that however materials you choose you should always think about presentation because that also puts a space into sort of international market irrespective of what you use you should always have a formal presentation. Nthabiseng Rachel Montshiwa… Read More Shifting the boundary: Interview with Nthabiseng Rachel Montshiwa

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