Proposal to SABC For SABC Tooke Af Channel and other related matters


I am writing this article somewhere in a hide away plek so that my Jotmaster is not able to locate me with the radar of his hover craft, Theta. He had since thrown a challenge at me to come up with writing that could tackle the word ‘allude’. It’s a long boring story the details of which will bore your teeth to the grind gum with agony. Besides the mere allusion to that episode of my life is merely presently serving as an opener as I humble myself before your magnificent throne.



*But the Stormers have a few aces of their own

Ace/a person who is very good at a particular activity/

Trick/ an act or scheme intended to deceive or outwit someone/

This expression caught my attention the other day while reading my favorite daily. I was caught by the richness of its metaphorical construction and its allusion to a well known-used expression. In the article where it makes its appearance it plays an important role in changing the tone of the article to heighten tension and shift balance in the content of the article which concerns itself with a scheduled game of rugby where the Sharks will face the Stormers. Until the appearance of this expression the article is preoccupied, for quite some time, with the description of the Sharks performances and its chances of becoming the victors.