Reorientation of Visual Arts Education in RSA

The Visual Arts in our country needs an overhaul in terms of the behavior of state apparatuses (Educational Structures) specific to foster their continuance. Today the war that is being fought at the political level fetters down to the important structures that have been put in place to guarantee the smooth running of the country.

The war at play is that of opposing ideals in terms dealing with socio-economic challenges, with education as a point of departure. Cohesion is implied not practice. These attitudes, which are indexical to the opposing political parties in South Africa, erect an iron curtain between systems which should be working together for the country’s development. In institutions and government departments each is concerned only with specific area that they are expert in. Lack of acknowledgement of interrelatedness of our varied structures achieves nothing except a growing cynicism. Should the various systems involved in the same area adopt a more positive role and acknowledge their interrelatedness the results will be tremendous in terms of a positive development of our country.