How to hold on to business as the Earth shifts Axis

My interest in this sentence stems from its length and the questioning tone it carries. Besides it being a micro narrative it also has a tone of friendliness and at the end of its reading one cannot help but want to know just how possible it is to ‘hold on’ in the midst of change ‘to business’. How else can we understand the meaning of the word ‘Axis’ in this syntactic construction? May I hazard to say that the gravitational pull change which results in the Earth changing its position as it spins on its axis is hereby equated to a change in the business world, what is interesting is the resultant phenomena of the Earth Shifting Axis, which results in our seasonal changes. Seasonal changes affect all organisms on earth.



/*the earth with all its countries and its peoples/

I woke up in a wonderful mood,routinely made a smashing cup of coffee, read a few passages of an article from a neglected daily newspaper accumulating dust in my cluttered dull study. Logged on the web to fix an error on one of my blog post. In all these developments I was slowly and gently coming to, waking up from sleep, when I happen to receive an inboxing into one of my social networking account telling me that the world is suppose to end today. Shikes, we have heard this story before and there is even a host of literatures that support the doomsday cometh prophesy, I snapped out of my sleep instantly as I stirred my coffee cup into a vortex.