Today in South Africa there is a known fear that is slowly creeping back into our consciousness or perhaps should we say hatred for the ‘other’ for that matter. The powers that be has appealed to the masses that they must harness the positive energy from the remnants of the effects of the FIFA 2010 World Cup in each other to instill a feeling of African Unity, camaraderie and sharewood.

This fear that is supposedly creeping back into our society, one will agree, is a demonstration of a problem that has remain latent and dormant all throughout the World Cup. One should find it interesting that during the matches none of the visitors were threaten in any way. There were a few mishaps here and there, the media has reported, but one should not fail to acknowledge the efforts and delivery of SAFA, the LOC, FIFA as well as countless of man and women who, in the midst of criticism and uncertainty have delivered a superb tournament to us and the rest of the world.


The Black Stars – Africas rightful hope!

Soccer, even I my self cannot help but be swayed by its charms. It has been wonderful to watch the matches, to be educated concerning the players from our own home soil and also be exposed to the world’s teams featured in the tournament and above all else to be acquainted with the theater of the beautiful game itself.

We witnessed Bafana Bafana putting out a marvelous performance at the opening match with the Mexicans, though equaled by the end of the 90 minutes but exiting that game with our faith in them restored. South Africans yes our cynicism (confirmed) mingled with unfathomable hope (crushed) were thumped into oblivion when Uruguayans ripped the Mzanzians’ boys apart. But the exiting  game with France was played with a helluva gusto to affirm the possibilities of Africa’s future in sportsmanship as far as Soccer is concerned more than the Rainbow Warriors’ staying on in the battle field.


The Danger of Fundamentalist Shove

If we are to acknowledge the present South Africa, the Now South Africa we will have to take into consideration the behavior of the Center of Power through its State Apparatuses. By State Apparatus I mean to use the term in situ with Luis Althusser’s writings on Ideology in mind.

Today South Africa is part of the global village in terms of its participation in Trade, Sport and Arts and Culture. It posses a proper infrastructure in terms of access to world knowledge and it is a contributor as well. On other levels of media it is importing as well as exporting its own content to the rest of the world. It is wired. It is a player in Mass media domain. However, like the so called developed world, it faces challenges of economic development. It also posses a surplus of educated young people both black and white but unfortunately unemployment is a major challenge.


Cracks of a Chariot

Is  the advent of the Soccer World Cup in Africa a blessing in disguise to reveal the concealed cracks in our superstructure(s)? Do mind that against the ensuing  violence, protest and lawlessness the world’s attention is focused on  the Republic of South Africa. June to July 2010 will pass there is no questioning that fact, it is as stark as our furrowed foreheads.

Over the past years the townships and informal settlement have displayed a nag to take to the street and sing songs of protest if they are not certified with how the show is running often tearing  the surroundings and themselves part in the process. The results, a backward leap in terms of infrastructure destruction that is caused by protests.