/facts or knowledge provided or learned/computer data/

Let us have a little word play before we launch our assault on the word dealt with presently. On a closer look the word information seems to take its construction from two words brought together as: In + Formation whereby

  • In (is defined as)– so as to be enclosed, surrounded, or inside
  • Formation (is defined as)– the action of forming or process of being formed; 2nd take – the process of being formed

The first word is predictably straight forward; it’s the second part of this word that’s quite interesting…the action of forming or of being formed and so on following our second bullet above. Doubly, for the complete construction of the word in question information proper I have included ‘computer data’ to embrace the fact that as much as computers needs information fed into them by engineers to enable then to carry out tasks so it has come to surface on humanity itself. To carry out decision making we need to organised facts together logically. We are the matrix of the computers though they are highly evolved as far as processing terabytes-gazillions of information is concerned.