Cross-pollination: Interview with the artist Philiswa Lila

in my work now in terms of the techniques, the whole, it’s not the basic thing the important thing about your work and how you groom your skills in that way because when I came here I knew that I came here to learn how to make art without any art background from the Eastern Cape, I think that side of it I think there’s really umm… worked, in terms of facilitation umm I’ve never done any facilitation before at TUT, we’ve never, we’ve had classes where we were told about community engagement projects, first year, with the communication class but I think, it ends there, and I think it should be a continuation because by the time you get to third year you don’t know actually what to do if they start only in first year and it ends there. So they, all in all facilitation at TUT has never happened yah. So a lot of ummm I think that has made a lot of students that come out from there to get lost…in a way, because even…the only facilitation that we are told of is the teaching where you have to apply for a teaching course and you’ll be able to be a teacher but I think it has to tart somewhere because not all of us can be teachers in a way so yah.… Read More Cross-pollination: Interview with the artist Philiswa Lila

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