How to hold on to business as the Earth shifts Axis

My interest in this sentence stems from its length and the questioning tone it carries. Besides it being a micro narrative it also has a tone of friendliness and at the end of its reading one cannot help but want to know just how possible it is to ‘hold on’ in the midst of change ‘to business’. How else can we understand the meaning of the word ‘Axis’ in this syntactic construction? May I hazard to say that the gravitational pull change which results in the Earth changing its position as it spins on its axis is hereby equated to a change in the business world, what is interesting is the resultant phenomena of the Earth Shifting Axis, which results in our seasonal changes. Seasonal changes affect all organisms on earth.


The golden soil

His eyes took the scene in. He saw a woman walking into the picture plane from the left with a flat huge bowl balanced on her head. She was about to cross paths with a Reverend in dressed in black complete with a hat from whose right hand a walking cane issued. Just behind them two men, while on a stroll were talking. One of them who was wearing a white shirt seem animated as his right hand stretched out to emphasise what he was saying to his companion. Just behind the pair was a man who seemed like a labourer entering the scene from the top right pushing a wheelbarrow. Moje’KJoe noted that should one draw a line between the woman entering the scene from the bottom left of the viewer, the one with a flat container on her head, and the Reverend; they will experience a perfect straight line. However when that line is extended to the two men taking a stroll the line will extend from the Reverend diagonally even if its straightness can be maintained until it reached the man pushing the wheel barrow. The man pushing the wheel barrow cannot take this line further since the wall behind him delimits the line’s extension in this direction. The line dies here or rather it acutely changes direction here. Besides the direction of the wheelbarrow and the man move the eyes back into the picture plane.

The Bring and Braai Paradox

You like? He asked me earlier on aboard Theta with a bow and outstretched arms, legs drawn in a capital T. At that time, I must admit, the dramatic gesture drew attention to the intense colours of his garb. I silently joked that the only missing item was a bowler hat which, has it been acquired and thrown into this outfit culinary it would’ve have shot it up the rank to clown buffoonery scoring. I don’t think these intense colours were meant for matured people like yourself, master, came my reply as I held his gaze. He laughed an uncontrollably which left me very concerned that he was finally loosing it. We will see. I said to myself as I joined him in the bridge taking my seat in the second command. Theta grumbled once and took off. You’ll see. He reiterated as if he had been reading my mind. I shook my sideways gaze away from his narrow figure in the main controls.

Tag *Reckoning and the persistent Asterisk

Take Two Take Five and Take Ten which could otherwise be expressed as Take (verb) Two (noun) Take (verb) Five (noun) and Take (verb) Ten (noun) swirling around the cockpit until a sonic construction Tick-Toh-Tick-Foh-Tick-Tin. With the former expressed (verb)(noun)(verb) (noun)(verb)(noun) genitivally to make bare their syntactic relations.


The cheer force with which the stink bug or the locust would fight you gave off such a sensation of might in the palms of your hands yet one recognised that the insect also exerted a form of power to which if there was a loss of concentration in your palms it would escape and regain its freedom. It would be very difficult when you loose a dark green locust amongst the greened shrubs as it was camouflaged immediately due to its cloak.


While our life has moved on over the centuries from that of hunter gathers and a nomadic people to that of pastoralist and farming communities that relied on battering we swiftly made our way into that of a consuming society relying on a few individuals to produce food for us as well as relying on those who by certain means have accrued capital and own enterprises and corporation to employ us.


The ANC Youth League should come up with a logical plan should it wish to appeal to even the so called liberal blacks or coconuts who scoff at their gesticulations as nonsense. If the league of the center of power respects the livelihood of South Africans (and I mean it in its true sense – all South Africans regardless of colour), then as a self proclaimed vanguard of the poor, the dispossessed and the proletariat it should cool headedly propose a sound plan that will appeal to all South Africans who still believe in the democratic state of this nation. You can quack your philosophy about how much you want to go it alone but here is a spanner in the works – do you have the skill and the experience? This question leads us to my last section below.