/facts or knowledge provided or learned/computer data/

Let us have a little word play before we launch our assault on the word dealt with presently. On a closer look the word information seems to take its construction from two words brought together as: In + Formation whereby

  • In (is defined as)– so as to be enclosed, surrounded, or inside
  • Formation (is defined as)– the action of forming or process of being formed; 2nd take – the process of being formed

The first word is predictably straight forward; it’s the second part of this word that’s quite interesting…the action of forming or of being formed and so on following our second bullet above. Doubly, for the complete construction of the word in question information proper I have included ‘computer data’ to embrace the fact that as much as computers needs information fed into them by engineers to enable then to carry out tasks so it has come to surface on humanity itself. To carry out decision making we need to organised facts together logically. We are the matrix of the computers though they are highly evolved as far as processing terabytes-gazillions of information is concerned.



/An act of choosing/the right or ability to choose/


Presently I have decided to go with two definitions given for the current word-expo. With that said here we go – Imagine that you are a child of not more than 6 years of age in a candy section of a super store with your paps or moms out on a little shopping spree to stoke up the supplies at home.

By this time at your age it has been hammered into your soft snug skull that you cannot demand sweeties until the starches, oils, spreads and meats and drinks have been acquired. Unless of course if you are full of tricky tantrums when you do not get your way with your folks and are able to demand the goodies immediately when you arrive at the super store because your parents yields to your manipulations, this qualifies you to a spoiled brat strand. Ideally speaking that is, the second scenario is not appealing to people who want their young to survive as adults. Good natured adults like your folks have made hay while time allowed, they broke you ‘’cause they want their little one to grow up in a responsible way and like the Setswana saying goes le gong le ojwa lo sa le metsi (you have to guide the growth of a tree so that it does not grow crocked and not bear fruits once it sets).




(in the New Testament)the last battle between good and evil before the day of Judgment

21 May 2010 build up in South African politics had a different tone to the global acknowledgement of a soothsayers meditation on the idea that it was going to be the last day of our existence. For reasons of suspense I shall deviate from politicking presently.  Post 18 May, the communications apparatus brought it to our attention that some evangelist(s) out there saw the end of the light to our existence and quaked about it passionately.

I’ve personally have come to an acknowledgement that there are various spiritual pursuits which actually want the world to end. Their argument is that God or the Gods are angry at us. That we have sinned so greatly that nothing can be fixed. So much is their passion to have everything before them extinguished that they brave the media platforms to proclaim this end.

But let’s say the end does come one day. A flash like phenomena, like a sudden jolt of remembrance akin to when one remembers that they should have taken care of something during the day and that it is too late to worry about it due to time laps. We usually remember things when we are relaxed and are reflecting on how our day has turned out. Come to wonder about it – is there time to reflect on how one’s life has turned out before the big bulb goes out? Perhaps there is this interval especially if you are fortunate enough to lie in bed or sit on a chair when you reach the last day.




 “Of sacred personage”


When the Egyptian State Apparatuses realized that the thousand and thousand throngs of people swelling and swirling in Tahrir Square had been incensed through the mobile phones services and various social media platforms to wage protests it sought to curtail the revolt, however it was too late. The radar had swung far too wide for their efforts to become effective.

Mobilization had long rolled out and what was being experienced there was a seismic shift of power from the totalitarian regime to the civilian. A revolution, long suppressed, was at its highest pitch. And the super eye of the tele-communication networks (see Surface) was observing the events as they happened in real time. Such was the scene that was reinforced by the hands-off Military by-standing as the events unfolded. By now the world is sated on the fact that what we have witnessed as of 25 January 2011 was the beginning of an end to a thirty year old tyranny.



“Outward appearance as distinct from less obvious aspects”


In a world where information moves at a flicker of a screen or a click of a cursor (you might’ve thought that I was going to say a button). A world where relationships relies more on mediating utilities than real time interaction. A world ruptured by the freedom of the dawn of the internet. We are not talking about fixed bodies or entities for all is in a flux.



“Object for a child to play with A gadget or machine that provides amusement for an adult”


It is probably at this point in time, at the end of the year, when all those who have worked hard (or idled around) during the year have an inkling to spoil themselves. After all, after a long and demanding run around the miser seeks a reward otherwise what was it all for? Even the little ones can’t help but notice that there is something different during this particular period; perhaps the funny unpredictable weather has something to do with it, it affects the adults. All of a sudden the adults are very giving; and to top it all everybody is in a jovial mood and loose when they dig into their pockets or purses. With all the sweets and nice clothes, something must give. A new Toy¹, a time pusher, must be added to their arsenal of amusement and self discovery.