“Withdraw formally from a federation of states or a political or religious organization”


The Sudanese’s voting for secession during this week (as of 9 to 15 January) this week has a sentimentality liken to that of South Africans when we voted for our first democratic government. That gleaming hope on the voters’ faces as they emerged from voting poling stations having voted for the party of their choice is similar to the expressions we see beamed on the faces of the Sudanese as they vote during the referendum1 which is set to take a week. The freedom to have an influence in the turn of events through voting gives a person that Zen feeling that they have a say in the turn of events shaping their country. The future is another topic altogether although it begins with the present act, choice. During the referendum, the world knows this by now, the freedom to choose will allow the Sudan population to vote either for unity (Hands clasping) of the North and South or separation of the two areas (Open Palm). Darfur remains unresolved however Qatar’s government is hosting peace talks for this region.