The point of @ (distort[ed]) ‘Message’

Virtual communication or social networking interaction which I believe began with the sms creates a parallax when those who read what you are saying cannot follow you or misread what you are trying to say. In other words what could have can be a simple message creates more questions than it instructs or clarifies. The youngsters take very warmly and easily to this sort of communication. If you ask any young bloke out there they will tell you that since being a student comes with its own financial constrains it is easier to constrict words to an almost encrypted code so that instead of sending two to three sms’s you need to just send one, it is economical viable. Some purists have argued that the long-term effect of this improvisation is that one loses their writing skills as well as grammatical sensibilities.… Read More The point of @ (distort[ed]) ‘Message’

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