As I contemplated the expression in the global context of the article I could not help but consider its reading in quarantine whereby the Stormers and Sharks could be read without any association to the rugby teams or the sport itself. In that isolation the name Stormers can easily be associated with the noun storm which refers to violent disturbances of the atmosphere with strong winds, rain, thunder, lightning or snow. Progressively the noun shark refers to a large fish with a triangular fin on its back, many kinds of which preys on other animals. Of course this is no revelation in itself, this lexical drill that is. However, for the fun of it, if we were to push our envelope quite a bit further and go on with the Oxfords we can also state an unpalatable definition of this noun shark which the dear Oxfords secures as an informal definition by saying ‘Shark’ refers to a person who dishonestly obtains money from others. Anyone who had hit rock bottom can almost see the beckoning grin of loan sharks. … Read More Aces/Tricks

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