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~ Header image: Robert Hodgins. Consulting Room (2006/2007). Oil on canvas. 90cm x 240 cm. The Frank and Lizelle Kilbourn collection. ~

Tina Skukan Gallery

Touched by light

Closes 28 July 2021

Martjie Carter

Carl Cuz Jeppe

Cecile Burger

Carl Jeppe. Desert Lines, Compressed Charcoal 78 x 78cm

>This afternoon Tina Skukan Gallery announced the commencement of Touched by Light, a group exhibition featuring works by Martjie Carter – Carl Cuz Jeppe – Cecile Burger, following

Exhibition Brief: These three artists explore the concept of “Touched by Light”, through abstract landscapes, nature and human figures. They endeavour to portray how light can turn the most ordinary scenes into beautiful abstract designs of light and shadow. This exhibition of paintings, depicts the wonder of how different light can in so many varied ways, enhance or change colour and form. Light is viewed as one of the most important aspects of the visual arts. n this collection of paintings, the effect of light not only depicts the physical form, not merely what we see, but also the inward experience, the mind heart and soul, comprehending what is revealed. Light, in all its different forms, is essential and the fundamental right of all of creation. Source: Rex (Tina Skukan Gallery).

12 July 2021 at 22:09

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Security guards become guest curators at the Baltimore Museum of Art, in an upcoming exhibition. How radical is that! Heh? To allow a multiplicity of curatorial voices in a major institution from the perspective of those who safe guard humanity's artistic achievements; Museum Custodians. This is an interesting piece written by GABRIELLA ANGELETI. Source, The Art Newspaper.  
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Disclaimer: Driven by curiosity, the information appearing on this page has been sourced and prepared in collaboration with artists, their respective studios, galleries or their representatives.

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