Hindsight: Language is our present frontier

»During a mellow debate which took global center stage on the minds of fans of double O’ seven which toyed with the question as to who should portray Mr. James Bond when Daniel Craig steps away from the role of the British spy a lot of commentators both abroad and home exclaimed that it was …

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Film Review: For Love And Broken Bones

In the recent Bomb Shelter production Motheo (Mduduzi Mabaso) is a man whose occupation of debt collecting is forged out of the very anger that results from a broken family structure wrought on by migrant labor system solicited by with South African industrial machine - mining.

dEF’Rating: For Love and Broken Bones

While this is a tragic story, which even the undiscerning viewer will learn to accept as soon the credits roll up and the debate is won between that mug of steaming coffee or a nightly snack. It is not debatable that we’ve seen this film before. The film’s context is its ace. It does offer …

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 /ray-zheem/  "A system"   The idea of a regime is tightly knitted with state control. Whatever it is that might’ve ushered in a regime has its basis in a reactionary ousting of the power block before it. We see in our history of states evolution from monarch to feudal, from repression to democratic struggles. Even …

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