Header Image: As an art venue St. Lorient at the Brooklyn Circle, Brooklyn, Tshwane, continues to entrench its presence within the art circles. The novel Wayfarers’ Hymns By Zakes Mda launches there on16 October at noon. As per the gallery’s communication this book launch which will be in a form of a conversation between Zakes Mda and Phemelo Motene will be preceded by the opening of Mda’s solo exhibition Mirrors and Washboards.

21Column – THR33

‘a whats-on listing’ 21ColumnVol.1 No.3.July 2021 ~ Header insert, August House//Cape Town Collab runs between June and July in Cape Town CBD ~ Intra’Byte: #6 We have finally seen July, at least the beginning of it. In a world that seem to have come to hold its bated breath for…

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When you have a conversation with an artist, curious to know more about them and their art practice you get enveloped into their perception qua-lexicon via their jargon. It is an experience par excellence. Welcome to the lexical galaxy, welcome to Intraparadox.... may we find the artist.