Sanku Patrick Bokaba’s The truth in flames

LIKE a forgotten conquered beast that suddenly emerges from the rubble of obliteration to remind us that the fight must go on nostalgia is a soundtrack that accompanies our affairs. One simply has to look at how within the various artistic forms nostalgia is used time and again to lobby either the cinemagoer’s interest in the upcoming films that reprises themes dealt with previously or nostalgia as a referent within the visual art object to reinforce the subject matter from another perspective. What we are familiar with is imported to new works and by so doing we throw into acute relief new visions that we may be preoccupied with at certain pints of our lives as consumers, collaborator and conceivers of cultural artifacts. Perhaps this, it may stand to reason, that without it – the cultural text that may be under our delightful scrutiny or horrid criticism will lose its appeal, its efficacy. The work may not talk to us. It will wither away.