What happens if you press share/what happens if you publish

Keep in mind that we live in the age of a litmus flare-up fame where the nano second between hitting click to publish and the thought to publish something for the world to marvel at demands us to pause and review the tumultuous effects of our actions.


Birth – for the old folks arcade gamers of Phelindaba

In Phelindaba the Old Café are gone. Washed away by the caressing seeping water at the shores of nostalgia’s grey silver laser that burns the things we abhor or hold dear deep within the creases of our brains and bosom, a tug at the heart here and the disturbance of balance there, for a thrill worth Two Bob, Wola!

The Dawn of OTT-SVOD War

At a certain point at the headquarters of Naspers, the company that owns Multichoice, which in turn owns DStv and MWEB, the Research and Development team might have sat down and observed with a keen interest at the recent developments with regard to Subscription Video On Demand (SVOD) via the web. Perhaps during their observation they might have snickered at Times Media Group’s VIDI, sneered at MTNFrontRow and casted a dismissive look at Altech’S NODE. After all they would have felt that they had responded to these platforms a long time ago without a straining their coffers.

The Node Nadir

Now that Altech (Allied Technologies Limited) has announced that it would sell the NODE in the not so distant future whoever is thinking of buying should think very deeply before tinkering with its functions. South Africa needs the NODE but it just does not know it yet.