Hindsight: Language is our present frontier

»During a mellow debate which took global center stage on the minds of fans of double O’ seven which toyed with the question as to who should portray Mr. James Bond when Daniel Craig steps away from the role of the British spy a lot of commentators both abroad and home exclaimed that it was …

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On the artist Tshepo DD Maponyane’s development

The aim of this essay is to trace the development of the career of Tshepo DD Maponyane based on an extensive interview that I conducted with him in 2011 shortly after his return from Bali. Already at that time plans were underway to mount an exhibition of his work at the Pretoria Art Museum to afford his home town to his oeuvre in one space. It is my hope that the reader will come to realise the conditions within which this artist has emerged. The critical assessment of the work of the artist is not part of the current essay but will form part of a separate essay entitled ‘Self Introspection – A critical assessment’ therein his visual art output selected for his solo exhibition at the Pretoria Art Museum will be discussed.


Perhaps there is nothing to say anymore. I lied. Is that so? He asked. If that is the case then it means you must leave the pay tv soap opera affair alone altogether because you are not suited to comment on it. He threw what I considered a nuclear bomb and a bubble of hope for my pen rose and busted into a gazillion euphoric *stars* that spelled the word ‘write’ in bold. And the yearning to write again burned me like a child’s craving for candy. I moved my finger to drop the nuisance.

Proposal to SABC For SABC Tooke Af Channel and other related matters

I wish to the spirits of tell a lie vision that very soon you will start to roll out the set tops boxes promised to us prior to the adventures of Bafana Bafana in the world cup and its prequels and deliver us to the promised land of clarity even if it’s not pristine. But let’s move on and focus on the positive. This positivity relies very much on the roll out of the set top box. (hey there is a new rumour doing jitterbug that it’s as sure as a sunshine that the set top boxes will be rolled out – isn’t that wonderful?)But you can trial test one of the ideas I am about to dish out to you so long since you are famous on taking time to deliver. Why not develop a sports channel while you buy time to deliver your so called mandate of being a public broadcaster? Here are my smaller-nyana ideas for you to tuff around

Neo Resistance Art and its Fallacy

Let us acknowledge that once the artwork goes public and holds its attention the artist is grabbling with external stimuli however the mode within which the artist is grappling with the issues concern shifts and heightens from personal to public. When the ground on which he operates shifts and heightens unfortunately for him He is no longer a private person entitled to their personal views, he speaks to the people for the people. The artist is no longer on a personal journey but he has harnessed the interests of the people. Positively he will be seen as endorsing the interests of those whose values he upholds and negatively he has taken a confrontational stance towards those who are opposed to the ideals reflected in his work. By hook or crook he now represents the ideals of a particular group of the society within which his practicing exists. He is positioned.

(Neck) around the (corner)

Look don’t get me wrong here I am not an oorskit-leftover kind of a guy who craves handouts. I want to knead my own dough like any china out there. There are talented people in our country who are looking for a helping hand if not two to get them started in realising their dreams. If you happen to cruise through our townships you are bound to find a few small businesses which services our communities but most of the time these initiatives, due to lack of support in terms of financial backing or proper training on how to run a business successfully drown out of sight. Usually you will find that that mama who sells fatkoeks and tea at the corner on your way to work or the vegetable vendor outside of your flat together with a telephone kiosk has somebody under their employment or are part of small enterprise that works for the mutual benefit of everyone involved. If that little stint of business experiences financial crises two perhaps even three people will be without a source of income.