At the other end; a person *unknown and the Dandy Kleva

With colorful food tossed down and the hooch doing its fair job the dAndy-kLeva visited the main toilet in the backyard where mostly family members sat about chatting and drinking. The party in whose honor we would never know was now in full swing. You only had to take in the scene with unblinking eyes and a swig of breath to appreciate swell of this party.


Speed Blog: 21 September 1976

Over this nothing compares to when a silent friend whom has fallen off the radar chips in as well to the happy birthday mount. Ah, It revives one’s hope in second chances in friendship and cements one’s positive resolution in one’s faith in humanity. So I would like to thank you all in advance for being in my life and for your support in my life’s work especially as far as the writerly is concerned for reading my textual spins and weaves.

An Epilogue to ‘Liberty’

WRITING is a solitary undertaking. It can always be akin to a striptease activity harboring towards the naked exposure wherein the pole becomes a limp and useless thing at the climax of the show. Your readers are bound to make certain assumptions about you as you put your soul out there in order to drive …

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Pule Diphare and the New Consciousness

f one approaches Fall of the Tomb looking for solutions as to where our society should be headed as far as social cohesion is concerned one will fail to encounter any whatsoever. Fall of the Tomb is a provocative work that seeks to re-center sensitive issues of identity and space domination in an evolving society back on the pedestal of discussion and reassertion. What the viewer will take with them is the questioning of how we are continuing our historical narrative and the dangers that impede on our progress when we do not consider the danger of poor historical narrative as a result of removal of past historical memories embodied in artifacts such as memorial sculptures.