At the other end; a person *unknown and the Dandy Kleva

*not known or familiar.*an unknown person or thing.


IN a world where it is easy to make new friends without meeting people in person, where business cards, at the brink of their extinction, are given out for their novelty’s sake to people who may never call you; In a world where the mobile phone has grown smarter from its former self wherein during its evolutionary journey to where it is today it had been used as a prop of multifarious progress, of which one of those uses was as a mirror, then quite recently evolving into a device capable of not only immortalizing its owner through a selfie situation quirky of indulgence but also to be a buffet sandwich of personal prime intel (psst, titbit – we ought to be jovial that there are undeniable signs that size-wise the device, having undergone loss of buttons, is taking a cul-de-sac to pay homage to its hefty ancestor). Now in this intricate plot of un-calculated fortunes – there lurks a dark force between people who know each other and perfect strangers, an in-between world, a world of the chippers blessed with the power to annoy all and sundry. Out of this quagmire rises persistent people whose main goal is to walk into our world and offer, without an invitation, an all out assault of stuff you don’t want.


Speed Blog: 21 September 1976

I am writing this shortly before I turn 38. Let me give it to you in a straight line, I never feel any different on my birthday. But naturally like any other person I do reflect on the preceding year with some sweetness and bitterness. Besides, due to the fact that I am not a hermit there will be reminders in the morning that I am not alone in this journey we call life as close friends, family and colleagues heap happy birthday and a good year ahead wishes to me.


An Epilogue to ‘Liberty’

WRITING is a solitary undertaking. It can always be akin to a striptease activity harboring towards the naked exposure wherein the pole becomes a limp and useless thing at the climax of the show. Your readers are bound to make certain assumptions about you as you put your soul out there in order to drive a point home. If you are committed to writing at an intense level, sometimes you even reveal your deepest ideals, especially when dealing with something that eats away at you and personally you feel next to no one as you brave a step into the forbidden alleyway to confront the so called Elephant in the room head on. Your readers might just have it in their head that they know you. Do they? Rare are those moments when someone will read your work, feel a connection and seek you in the public square to proudly announce that they heard your gospel and that it spoke to them. It is a sham if a writer pretends to hold on to certain ideals while falsely misleading his readers simply because he wants to score a crowd. Readers read between the words.


The Last Bar

*The painless killing of a patient suffering from an incurable disease or irreversible coma


THERE is a saying in township parlance that when a person is afflicted with an incurable disease and have withered away as a result they are left with one bar or the last bar. This metaphorically relates to the battery gauge of a cell phone which when the battery is low either the animated battery appears skeletal of blinks rapidly often accompanied by an alert tone alerting the owner that the instrument needs a power recharge. It is general knowledge what will happen if one fails to charge the battery before it is completely depleted. You will be off the grid of communication.

*Euthanasia, I must confess that the first time I heard this word I thought it made a sophisticated sound and that its mere intonation itself heralded things of delightfulness. ‘Euthanasia’, I remember vividly to some extent that it was one of the topics chosen by those who reveled in the art of debate during one summer in the late 90s spent involved in a community initiative that was attached to Atteridgeville Community Library. The guy who came up with this pseudo delightful word was a scrawny fellow, bespectacled and as thin as they come – such fellows – whose noses dunk in books, are always preoccupied with searching for answers of the world that envelopes us. But on the light hearted side of the present fabrication mention must be made that the fellow in question was endowed with a particular sense of humor if not a rare charm that often suspended the fact that he was nerdy. His repertoire came full circle particularly when he was at the highest pitch of gesticulations of his preoccupations and before him, in a manner of speaking that is, the fairer sex was taking note.


Pule Diphare and the New Consciousness

Pule Diphare’s Fall of the Tomb tackles issues of migration, importance of historical artifacts such as sculptures and the erection of new sculptures to mark change in our society. In a closely internal viewing of the film as an artwork these aspects of our society can be looked upon as junctures in the discourse that the work erects within itself. Central to the delivery of the film’s discourse are the characters of Pule Diphare himself and his companion Bobo. They can be seen as vehicles through which the nature of our society is reflected upon and as the viewing progresses we see the changed life of the city through their interaction with people and the city’s localities as the shots changes from different locales. From Arcadia through to the city center near the state theater until the City Hall we see ordinary people going about their lives. We witness that there are a few white people who remain in the city. All these people as embodiments of our society closely interact with the changing nature of the city and its meaning to them.



“Object for a child to play with A gadget or machine that provides amusement for an adult”


It is probably at this point in time, at the end of the year, when all those who have worked hard (or idled around) during the year have an inkling to spoil themselves. After all, after a long and demanding run around the miser seeks a reward otherwise what was it all for? Even the little ones can’t help but notice that there is something different during this particular period; perhaps the funny unpredictable weather has something to do with it, it affects the adults. All of a sudden the adults are very giving; and to top it all everybody is in a jovial mood and loose when they dig into their pockets or purses. With all the sweets and nice clothes, something must give. A new Toy¹, a time pusher, must be added to their arsenal of amusement and self discovery.