Intraparadox: Interview with Nthabiseng Rachel Montshiwa

Some time earlier this year I had a conversation with the founder of Refilwe Art Reach – Mme Nthabiseng Rachel Montshiwa. She has pioneered a visual art development program in the Free State.

Through a joint copyright of the present work we are able to bring you the full length interview both in textual form and audio.

Through other people’s experience there is always a lesson to be learnt.

Intraparadox: Interview with Elizabeth Balcomb

Tradition, absolutely I think that’s happening on a global level from what I can see when I look at the Venice Biennial – pieces that were there, I am excited by the fact that art moves and goes into new directions and I think it is great and South Africa, and so called African Art is huge in the world out there at the moment right now and it’s a great opportunity for us to go for it galleries are just waiting for good art to come out of Africa and it’ll be great if there was support in the South Africa of the arts, I don’t think, jeepers, enough is done around that theme. Artists needs support. I just feel that there is so much talent in South Africa and talent is not flipping race orientated you get born into it and I just [think] that hey the possibilities for studying art and entering competitions is all happening and we hear endless talk about job creation there is flipping job creation right there with people with their talents and artists start employing people to start helping them with their work’ Elizabeth Balcomb