Hindsight: A *stand-Off/us vs the rest

It is possible to have a peaceful warm welcoming South Africa. The center of power should safeguard the lively hood of South Africans society, educationally and economically; after all it is South Africans who have voted it into that highest rung. Since these two tenets of modern society are complementary, that is education and economy; there is no reason why an ordinary hard working South African should not feel secured in his homeland even when he is competing with a skilled foreigner provided they are competing on a leveled field. At the heart of xenophobia is fear of domination by the other. I cannot overstate further wherein the solution lies¶


Diary Entry: Mxolisi Visimuzi Beauchamp

Art history is precisely a deal with the particular – just like economic history or political history (come to think of it: is there a math history, there must be); art history is a zooming in on a particular aspect of our society as a phenomenon – art.

Scruffy Old Madala

‘You can always write about nothing. The trick is to make it appealing, just like our little encounter here. He swept his free hand caressingly in front of himself. Shortly he was tottering on a third wooden leg as he stood gingerly. ‘Eish-ahh, the body eventually gives in, this…’ he pointed at the paper bag he was dunking into the bin next to the bench where our little story had unfolded ‘delish'’. He firmly shook my hovering right hand with one of his knobby thick boned hands and bid me well ‘Ditebogo ngwanaka’ he left, a man unconcerned with the world he knew very well. Yes, spinning the next myth should not be a difficult stint. Like the one you’ve just read now.


The ANC Youth League should come up with a logical plan should it wish to appeal to even the so called liberal blacks or coconuts who scoff at their gesticulations as nonsense. If the league of the center of power respects the livelihood of South Africans (and I mean it in its true sense – all South Africans regardless of colour), then as a self proclaimed vanguard of the poor, the dispossessed and the proletariat it should cool headedly propose a sound plan that will appeal to all South Africans who still believe in the democratic state of this nation. You can quack your philosophy about how much you want to go it alone but here is a spanner in the works – do you have the skill and the experience? This question leads us to my last section below.


What does secession mean? For southern Sudanese it means peace and the leeway to self determination from decades of conflict which has seen more than 2 million lives lost following this countries independence from Anglo-Egyptian control post 19563. But Sudan could do well if peace reigns following the referendum. Given the minerals that it boasts, but most importantly it is the oil which accounts for its wealth and 85 percent of it is located in Southern Sudan. It is important for the ‘soft border’ at Abyei to be upheld and adhered to, with stability this could perhaps lead to democratic election in either area in the near future.