Film Review: Ingoma

Ingoma, besides its oozing with pure talent - it is brave, believable and surprisingly witty in its take on the music industry's darker side. Its gets 5dEF Points out of five: ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦


Film Review: Rise

At this school she is confronted by pupils who are not given time by the teachers. As a result the learners think less of themselves. This can be seen in the characters of Gazi (Siphamandla Walter Dhludhu), a child family header, Andile (Nkokheli Oros Mmampofu) whose wants him to leave school to do manual labour and Palesa (Mapula Mafole) who comes from an unstable single mother headed family. There is also a bureaucracy red tape that hamper teaching and a corrupt principal (Mutodi Neshehe) who has been siphoning money from the school’s feeding scheme for his own financial gain¶