Film Review: Elinye Ithuba

Elinye Ithuba is one of those works that interrogates the effects of our sacrifices and the fact that to undo the deeds that might have gotten us in trouble the first time around we might just have to pay a heavy price


Film Review: The Ring

The Ring attempts to be funny while it deals with the overcooked classic tale of love. Is there anything to say in this theme? Not really, except for the reshuffle of the sign system and point of view vis-à-vis perspective. Despite a few strong points here and there this film has its moments but offers us nothing new. It whispers to us a feather light 2deF’Points out of Five: ♦ ♦ /¶

Film Review: Ilizwi

Ilizwi is a proposal that hints at what we could see in the future in terms of the bourgeoning South African film industry once the M-Net in Motion Academy 2015 Interns are striking it out on their own and are brave enough to venture outside of the box. The film initiates a new paranormal tale with a slight thrill build up and delivers to us a gentle 3deF’Points out of Five: ♦ ♦ ♦ /¶

Film Review: The Gift

The Gift was shot with the same camera work intimacy characteristic of Rockville and the ‘prying eyes perspective’ that has become characteristic of the Ferguson's work signature. There are moments you feel like you’re eaves dropping on what is being said or spying on what is happening when you view the Ferguson's work as a performance text.

Film Review: For Love And Broken Bones

In the recent Bomb Shelter production Motheo (Mduduzi Mabaso) is a man whose occupation of debt collecting is forged out of the very anger that results from a broken family structure wrought on by migrant labor system solicited by with South African industrial machine - mining.

dEF’Rating: For Love and Broken Bones

While this is a tragic story, which even the undiscerning viewer will learn to accept as soon the credits roll up and the debate is won between that mug of steaming coffee or a nightly snack. It is not debatable that we’ve seen this film before. The film’s context is its ace. It does offer …

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