Telkom_LIT_TV_100 and the New Frontier

The LIT TVC 100 Packages then turns your home into a connected hub both in entertainment and productivity, concretely. Gradually Naspers through both DStv Now and Showmax has made its way into the OTT environment and Telkom LIT TVC 100 will provide one of the ecosystems within which it can thrive amongst other OTT’S. Make no mistake that the other internet service providers will hanker into the OTT’s application platforming over time; perhaps by platforming rather than erecting a new OTT service similar to Showmax or Netflix for that matter. It is a matter of how they will find their way there which will be of interest to those who care about the future of television. This is the new frontier that is opening up and Telkom dictates the way through data provision and platforming.


From a *bundle of joy’s perspective

It is clear that the two advertisements, that of Cardbury and that of Telkom, though using babies as prominent elements or device within their architecture respectively, do not deal with the same content. Similarity though it is the surprise elements of fetuses singing or babies speaking which as an erected a myth astonishes us. These myths draw attention to the intended content that each of these advertisements seeks to deliver – 'fresher experiences of what they are about'. I consider these two advertisements as fresh and clever in the way they make the viewer consider the infancy of experience itself.