INTRAPARADOX: Interview with Nelmarie Du Preez

Nelmarie du Preez won SASOL New Signatures Art Competition 2015 with the video installation To Shout. On 26 September 2016 I had the privilege of talking to her about her new work that was featured in her solo exhibition accompanying this year’s edition of the art competition. Our interview centered on the human-machine interrogation that pervades her work through her interaction with GUI (Her computer program performance partner) what is revealed on the surface is a preoccupation with what happens at the instance when we come into contact with technology. Du Preez argues that we partner with technology to achieve the required results although at times there is an error that occurs either on our part or on the part of the machine itself. The artist maintains that in this light it is important that we acknowledge that since we predate machines the error remains human in its latent form because machines cannot exist without humans.


Fall of the Tomb

To whom does South Africa belong? to whom does Pretoria belong to? Fall of the Tomb reaffirms that it is only through a discursive contest of grounds that our flawed past can be grappled with mercilessly, looking at things as they were and are right now rather than wishing for a utopian version of our lives to meet us at our doorstep when we rise each morning.