Beacon/Peace Saints

What come to us in the universe are the results of our past actions. It follows then that if the actions we have performed were pure their results will be inevitably pure.

A rare occasion presents itself when those whose past actions; well intended in their performance, come together in consort for a united cause. When such an event takes place good work can be initiated, performed and concluded in a short space of time by such spirits. The reaction thereof can be tremendous and burn a lasting impression in people’s lives; changing them positively forever for the good.

Presently in our own soil an occasion akin to the afore mentioned event has presented itself but unfortunately due to the contemporary consciousness leanings towards self aggrandizement through commercial pursuit and neo tyranny a personality of well intended deeds hitherto referred to was turned away from our Republic – The Dalai Lama; he had been scheduled to meet Madiba, Tutu and De Klerk in an assembly dedicated to peace. With the Delai Lama denied access to attending the peace assembly the assembly itself was cancelled due to the withdrawal of the other peace laureates in their support to Tibetan spiritual leader.

There are several occasions that are to take place in our country which will have deserved blessings of these great spirits before they took place: our forth coming election, confederations cup as well as soccer world cup.

We need to be aware that the collective consciousness of a society is knocked into shape by its leadership. The molding of collective thought is centered on political leanings and commerce.
Presently the spiritual consciousness is being neglected and by default this is a component of humanity that we need to elevate before the commencement of political theatricals come April.

If we had the opportunity to witness the communion of the Nobel Peace Laureates whose mere presence signals peace and divine consciousness all will have had the opportunity to turn back to our interesting lives peacefully and lovingly touched by the event. We would enter the forthcoming elections with good intentions and maximum respect for human life despite the aftermath of the election results. How?

For the sake of clarity let us reiterate what we have been meditating on since the outset of these jottings.
At that moment, at that juncture when the Peace Saints commune all who witness; first hand, through media or historical texts will feel the touch of peace, love and oneness due to the Saints’ presence and actions.

If this historical moment did take place we would walk away humbled and be human conscious and surrender to Jah consciousness for humanity itself in its basic form is the reflection of Divine consciousness – Almighty God. For now we shall evolve slowly towards that potential point; and nay some of us will never reach the apex.

27 March

© 2009 Mmutle Arthur Kgokong