Closing the Curtain

Come 22/04 let us go to the voting station, let us not be indecisive because we know exactly what we want – we want South Africa to work. We want jobs, we want better schools, we want a growing economy and security the list can go on…but prosperity we want!

Copy of 2dToday we have heard that JZ will not stand trial. Just close by where I reside members of the political party he represents hold their daily meetings these days in preparations for the up coming elections. In the evening when the members of this political party arrived there has been sheering, hooting of car hongs as well as blasting of political chants from the car radios. I am sure all these are well intended and are done in the spirit of camaraderie for the dismissal of charges against Jacob Zuma. I would’ve have done the same if I was imbibed with the same enthusiasm.

There are divided views in terms of whether he should have stood his day in trial and possibly be sentenced to serve his crime. But there are other characters involved in the narrative.
While my politically immature mind accepts that the tempering of the evidence by the players in this political drama has flawed the proceedings and created a leeway for JZ to avoid prosecution; I can’t help but acknowledge how this whole drama has created a myth around the man.

His annihilators have tried all tricks to eliminate him but in the process have actually nourished his image, they have mythologized JZ. Remember the rape accusation; then there was the revelation of him being a polygamist which actually is not wrong in SA, if you can afford it that is and as long as the parties concerned have went into it unforced.
All these were happening against the canvas of an ongoing trial of him being financially corrupt as a political leader, of the ruling party, through his connections with Shabir and today those accusations have been withdrawn. What does it mean? Does it mean he is innocent? What about our former president – how involved was he in this whole thing? We shall presently await one unsatisfied person from the inner circle to spill the beans in the future.

Whether we do acknowledge these questions or not they will always loom in the background like dirt under the carpet (old cliché) until there is a reason for someone who has the details to use this information to get what they want or defend themselves against a threat.
On the other hand as we nudge onwards towards April 22 simple characters like my self find it algebraic to fathom what will take place once inside that box to make our choice. The status quo has changed, the tyranny is hunger; yes segregation is there but food comes first before we can hate someone otherwise where will the energy come from.

But enough about the current situation, what is done is done at least for now until this ugly matter resurfaces. What our political parties should start thinking about here is how to turn up responsible leaders come twenty years into democracy. Recruitment of members in their structures should at least be based on skills and potentials. Because that is what is needed in our country at the moment; that is people who are capable of handling portfolios they are responsible for – competency!
Therefore political parties should shift their attention from observing the wrongs of other political parties and think about how they can make South Africa better. Then selfishness of not participating in projects that are geared at improving the country should be tackled and curbed out. Then without considerations as to which political party has initiated programs and projects geared towards development and improvement of people’s lives can be maximised made to succeed; then South Africans can have a better life once the projects begin to yield positive results.

This way it wont matter who runs the show, but rather what is the global ideal of the rainbow nation and adhering to it without doubt otherwise the rainbow nation remains an ideal that we have not even started to realize, perhaps even a pretentious lie.

06 April

© 2009 Mmutle Arthur Kgokong