Thou Shall Circumcise and Survive

The reader will not be mistaken when upon reaching the full stop in the present jottings make connections between the present piece and latter article Invasion X broadcasted some time ago in day thirty of April of the current year twenty double O Nine. Although there exists a considerable gap between then and now, they are indeed related.

 Some folks may venture to say that this year was so interestingly horrible in its magnitude when considering that those whom the scourge of the DFP (Donkey Flue Pandemic) has afflicted but not killed but bestowed with a degree of about 5.0 CTA (Calculable Terminal Affliction), continue to be under constant surveillance of the Medical Condition Custodians (MCC: a division of the Medical detectives) and are still in quarantine. Even without the slightest cough or convalescence, there are no exceptions, we continue to be isolated and quarantined in our homes.

I have at least one useful thing for the MCC dudes who frequent the homes of the affliected for inspections and meds progress, they have become my ears and eyes of the outside world. And since broadcast is restricted to what the powers that be permit, the MCCs have also come to serve the role of decoding the restricted realm that my family and I are denied.

I must by all means applaud the regime for replenishing our refreshments in the long run of things, however I also forever hold them responsible for destroying my previous netbook which was confiscated and destroyed with all my files in it. Amongst the work destroyed were an unfinished novella and several articles which I was in the middle of editing as well as other attempts written at moments of frustration in dealing with what is happening in the Republic. In case you are wondering I am using an old croc of a laptop to pen this one. I venture to say – it is more of a typewriter than a lap-pc.

Presently there has been a broadcast that was unveiled to us concerning a new methodology of dealing with HIV/AIDS. If You’re reading this in 2050 you will probably think that we had gone Bananas in our Republic when I reveal to you that: It is said that the most profound of our scientists have made startling findings that circumcision reduces the risk of contracting the sexually transmitted disease – HIV/AIDS. Absurd isn’t it considering that some of your ancestors and relations have perished from this dreaded disease! If you have just recoiled in disappointment at your forefathers and foremothers deliberations on this fatal sickness for which, I unfortunately offer no consolation whatsoever. It is indeed an uncalculated decision not a scientific finding. Such knowledge is now in the minds and hands of our youth and adults; imagine what will happened with such knowledge at the hands of a reckless person full of libido; your guess is as good as mine such knowledge will prove fatal. Despite death from the DFP (Donkey Flue Pandemic) why is it that people are dying? It is estimated that people are dying at their thousands everyday and millions are sick from having come into contact with this sexually transmitted disease through sexual intercourse in our continent alone. And then some Medic Fundis step in into the death zone and say there is an answer, in a supposedly fairly industrialized nation as ours; and if i may add scientifically evolved. And inversely proclaim – continue to copulate recklessly? Chucks! I think this is the most irresponsible stance that has ever come out of our Republic in the closure of the naughties and those who will irresponsibly warm up to this intellectual gymnastic quack will suffer a fatal blow.Oblivion.

They will meet their maker for sure. Quarantine is the way and nothing else. Wait a moment did I say quarantine? Perhaps this box-in effect in our flat is getting to me. I meant abstinence, that’s what I meant, abstinence. Avoidance of the sexual act until the two parties, man or woman or woman and woman or man and man are proven negative and are sure clean in their ways of conduct afterwards as well. The removal of the foreskin to combat HIV/AIDS will not do the trick whatsoever.

When officer 2009/04/Gem straightened out to me the events that surround this irresponsible remark with the medics facing the Republic’s media one afternoon late November I had shook my head as if it belonged to the lifeless body of the marionette (Yes like you do now) and I asked

‘What does this mean to all the ignorant youth out there open to experimentations?’ 2009/04/Gem responded by saying

‘Qua, it is the responsibility of the guardian to mete guidance not that of the state, otherwise the parents can prepare to change the diapers of their children again or theirs before old age knocks in, you savvy?’

I snickered as I took the meds from him to my wife in the other room,  for our daily dose intake of RDFPV (Relinguish Donkey Flue Pandemic Vitamins). You see as I jot the last line, I wondered what kind of a world we will see once let out; when our quarantine period is over and we are declared fit to socialise once more.

8 December

© Mmutle Arthur Kgokong 2009