Cracks of a Chariot

Is  the advent of the Soccer World Cup in Africa a blessing in disguise to reveal the concealed cracks in our superstructure(s)? Do mind that against the ensuing  violence, protest and lawlessness the world’s attention is focused on  the Republic of South Africa. June to July 2010 will pass there is no questioning that fact, it is as stark as our furrowed foreheads.

Over the past years the townships and informal settlement have displayed a nag to take to the street and sing songs of protest if they are not certified with how the show is running often tearing  the surroundings and themselves part in the process. The results, a backward leap in terms of infrastructure destruction that is caused by protests.

We have seen how in most cases it is the youth, the student, from the lower levels of learning to the higher levels of learning who have also shown their volatility and unpredictability and a cunning thirst to lead torrents against the establishments. The contemporary South African should bear in mind that unlike thirty years ago today news travel super sonic fast. Presently, at the most, new news by-pass even those who are actors within the events reported.The world now knows about the May Xenophobic Attacks, the world knows about the poor service delivery by our center and it does know about the protests surrounding the latter issue which are ensuing as I jot.

What went wrong one may ask? One may answer that it is the service delivery of our various structures inherent in the center: the ruling political elite supposedly thought to form the government, that it is failing to deliver their mandate as per commitment. Another may counter and say the people have been poisoned by over dependency. Who is right and who is wrong? None is right or wrong. Who is the government? We are the government Black and White, despite political affinity as far as party loyalty is concerned. Haven’t we voted in the past elections? It is a question of how the mechanization ought to operate in order to reach its utmost efficiency and unfortunately at the moment it isn’t working properly.

What is worrisome is the fact that the violence and the protest will surely not attract any possible investors in our country for fear of vandalism following the aftermath of FIFA 2010 World Cup on the African soil. This will defeat one of the perks associated with hosting the tournament.  Will the people even touch down prior 11 June? Maybe. In order to make a point why will someone vandalize public property or better still someone ‘s property if they are not happy with how the show is being run in their own country. Is it hooliganism or utter rage spiced up with stupidity? Perhaps it is both, what is there to loose if what one was promised is not delivered at the appointed time? Such is the ingridient for internal collapse.

Be aware that the youth who is leading the struggle today to have a better life and who is yearning for jobs is  educated, most beyond the high school level. The struggling youth is not a self imposed tertiary drop out nor someone who defied schooling to loiter around. He or she knows the importance of self worth. His or her dire state is a result of an economic handicap. His parents are unemployed. Her parents have educated her up to a certain qualification level however due to circumstances beyond their control they can’t break into the job market. What is the results of accumulating knowledge and then afterward have no means to dispense you expertise in the world to contribute to the development of your country – frustration is the bitter results. So you will make due with what is promised at the end of the day.

Oppositions parties opposed to the present center should be positioning themselves acutely to curb the problems that the country is facing rather than pointing the finger at the failures of the present dispensations. This could iron out the creases in the so called our Rainbow Nation to see to it that come the next polls the next ruling center is composed of an amalgam of political ideologies, representative of all tastes of leadership which can forge an ideal principle, one that can preside over the rest in capturing the fading glory of our Rainbow Nation – A privilege gift.

All of us are responsible in our little way. To fight hate speech, racism and reverse racism as well as sexism. It is a question of whether we would like to use our powers correctly or carelessly. All of us are responsible in our own little way to lent a hand to those in need despite the fact that they may have different political outlooks to our own. Any form of loyalty in any relationship  is earned through selfless commitment, one cannot not just walk into a mall and buy it at a boutique shop.  Loyalty – this is the true foundation of patriotism. Ours will have to go beyond the colour lines, decrees and ideologies.

In this light then we can see that the Center’s reckoning lies in its opponents’ proclamations to rid South Africa of  its contemporary maladies, threats, poverty, AIDS and unemployment. Offer solutions to these and the Peoples’ faith will be restored in the long run. So far we hear about alternative governance but we are yet to see it implemented however the scale as a leeway for the Republicans to have alternative refuge. It is time to move away from associating democracy with colour in South Africa.  If we get stuck here we have not yet started to scratch the surface of what it means to be free despite hue.

It is simple, Pride and Control are the stumbling blocs that need to be transcended before those who are opposed to the status qua can fully acknowledge that despite the fact that they are not in power per se they too have roles to play and stop blaming or pointing fingers at the Center’s Loss of Plot. Their role is to capitalize on the failings of the Center by addressing issues that are being overlooked or left out. This will go a long way in the opposition parties  winning over a new following come the next polls. Thus our Chariot can be given a new leas on life, unity.

21 March

© Mmutle Arthur Kgokong 2010


One thought on “Cracks of a Chariot

  1. Sometimes i do think the 2010 World Cup is a blessing in disguise. After Mandela’s release in 1991,many good things which seemed unbelievable to happen in this country started happening in a short space of time, 2010 World Cup is just one of them.
    Besides poverty, xenophobia, crime and many negative things happening in this country, my concern is many great things are happening so fast in this country. If you are a analytical person you should be afraid, worried or concern that after 2010 World Cup whats NEXT. South Africa as a country achieved seeing and experiencing wonderful thing in a blink of an eye, which other developed countries took centuries to achieve. Something is very fishy,somethings does not look right here, as a nation we need to be awake and start intorregating some of this weird things.In my own opinion this is ILLUSIONS, SUPER HYPER REALITY JUST LIKE JEAN BAUDRILARD SAYS. 2010 world cup is an ILLUSION, we need to snap out of this 2010 dream and face reality of whats really going on in the grass roots level.


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