Relocating the Rainbow Nation

In my last meditation I spoke about the acceptance of the status quo as a positive progression towards unity; specifically speaking towards – a United Rainbow Nation. Otherwise-obliviously our Republic suffers an internal conflict within itself as disunity creeps in and outright and visible separation makes itself the prevalent order. Also in that very meditation I have ushered us opaquely unto the doorstep of a particular concept, that of dialogue.

Dialogue, undoubtedly, it is the key towards molding our entity as a society, as a nation into a working homogenous unit that can continue to lead the way for nations struggling with plurality in the continent and abroad. Surely if our Nation has been able to move beyond Freedom Day 1994 without disintegrating into blood shed and anarchy; then ours is a nation that can hold ground in the present circumstances: where it seems as if culture and skin colour are the deciding principles as far as who governs is concerned. Today we either acknowledge that it does not work or like a flock of sheep face the guillotine of a bleak destiny in a last bluh. The colours of the rainbow can coexist within the same space. In selling their ideals, the rainbow politician needs to be more creative as time goes by.

We cannot ignore the begging question that beckons us to address the locale of possibilities of making our nation work. I am of a stance that the moment we realize that the health of our politics is situated beyond the tribe concept. It rests inside dialogue itself between all constituencies where the needs of the society are addressed without dirty games being played out between those in power and those aspiring to acquire power. Otherwise all according to hue must acquire a piece of land within the republic and rule themselves as they see it fit; this, by all accounts, will render for us a giant backward steps by several dark centuries. In the present coexistence is the realm for all who want South Africa to work.

27 April

© Mmutle Arthur Kgokong 2010