The Black Stars – Africas rightful hope!

Soccer, even I my self cannot help but be swayed by its charms. It has been wonderful to watch the matches, to be educated concerning the players from our own home soil and also be exposed to the world’s teams featured in the tournament and above all else to be acquainted with the theater of the beautiful game itself.

We witnessed Bafana Bafana putting out a marvelous performance at the opening match with the Mexicans, though equaled by the end of the 90 minutes but exiting that game with our faith in them restored. South Africans yes our cynicism (confirmed) mingled with unfathomable hope (crushed) were thumped into oblivion when Uruguayans ripped the Mzanzians’ boys apart. But the exiting  game with France was played with a helluva gusto to affirm the possibilities of Africa’s future in sportsmanship as far as Soccer is concerned more than the Rainbow Warriors’ staying on in the battle field.

However out of these ashes of our Warriors the Black Stars rose and our nation, Africans’ hope were continentally revived and we were reminded that Africa still had its presence in the tournament. We have seen Ghana, the Black Star rise from the knockouts to be Africa’s hope. Nkruma’s Ghana makes history in the African century by reaching the quarter final on home soil on Madiba’s New South Africa. Ghana you have rose to this pinnacle to revive the spirits for South Africa, Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire and Nigeria; for holla Africans, those at home and abroad.

It does not matter whether the Ba-Ghana wins over Uruguay, they, as the embodiment of Africa’s hope, have proceeded into the quarter finals. Neigh we won’t complain if they slay the Uruguayans anyway for soccer is a battle ground for wits, tact and physical prowess as well as emotions. It is a kind of warfare if you will. Some of us who have always thought it crazy for men to chase a ball for ninety minutes or so have also come to suppose that it is a game of chance, a calculated chance. So now Africans let us rally behind the black star tonight, let us keep our positive radar on our brethren, let our attentiveness hold the African force over Soccer City – the next battle ground. Africa Unite, One Consciousness.


2 July © Mmutle Arthur Kgokong 2010