(in the New Testament)the last battle between good and evil before the day of Judgment

21 May 2010 build up in South African politics had a different tone to the global acknowledgement of a soothsayers meditation on the idea that it was going to be the last day of our existence. For reasons of suspense I shall deviate from politicking presently.  Post 18 May, the communications apparatus brought it to our attention that some evangelist(s) out there saw the end of the light to our existence and quaked about it passionately.

I’ve personally have come to an acknowledgement that there are various spiritual pursuits which actually want the world to end. Their argument is that God or the Gods are angry at us. That we have sinned so greatly that nothing can be fixed. So much is their passion to have everything before them extinguished that they brave the media platforms to proclaim this end.

But let’s say the end does come one day. A flash like phenomena, like a sudden jolt of remembrance akin to when one remembers that they should have taken care of something during the day and that it is too late to worry about it due to time laps. We usually remember things when we are relaxed and are reflecting on how our day has turned out. Come to wonder about it – is there time to reflect on how one’s life has turned out before the big bulb goes out? Perhaps there is this interval especially if you are fortunate enough to lie in bed or sit on a chair when you reach the last day.

But let’s go back to the terribility of the world ending when no one else is savvy of it which should actually be the status quo  the modus operandi, the blueprint plan of the end; no one should know when it will happen. By default no one knows when and how they will pass away. Perhaps maybe a strategic suicidal lunatic who sees self termination as a way out does see its glimmer as far as time and manner is concerned. Death the ultimate end to one’s existence is as defying concretization as is witnessing a miracle is to those who hear of its reportage. Listeners of miracles do not completely believe what they hear of other peoples prowess, a pinch of jealousy may have something to do with it but not always a bridesmaid.

No one knows when it will come; however like a dark cloud (or if you choose to be enthusiastic about it by avoiding negativity, let us choose a white cloud for you) our demise, death hangs over us. Yes you may brood about your end and wish that you accomplish your greatness before your time is up but with all things considered the final moment is unknown to the normal fraternity of our global village.

What is the point of these evaporating jots thus far as it seems as if they take you nowhere? Well it is simple, choose life, think about death when it tickles you, but live. Respect life. Live.Do everything that you will like to do with your life as long as you do not invite risk on the part of those around you, but live (full stop an a conjunction) be honest of what you are feeling at all time. Thus when the predicted flashout doom dawns, perhaps maybe, just maybe you have a nano-sec or so; then you might have your life flashing before you and go through your life experiences like an electronic scanner reliving those experiences that made you great in your own circles. It is all anchored by choice. I will deal with choice in the next post.’

24 May

© Mmutle Arthur Kgokong 2011