/the long term prevalent weather condition of an area, determine by longitude and altitude/
ΔE = W

Any nitwit suffering from an ailment of ignorance will be able to affirm that the temperatures of our summers have gotten very high over the years, nor will a candidate of cryonics waking up in 2061 BC be able to adjust to the predicted scorch that’s coming. Unless the subzero time traveler wakes up in a cold winter night neither he nor she might stand a chance come next summer.

As world scientist populate in Durban to commit themselves to cupping green emissions so as to save the planet, a remarkable bean squeezes through the seethe and is given sidefull glances: The plight of the poor. Has it being given due contemplation that it deserves, the suffering of the poor. The elevated persons of our society who gather at Durban to go green will not give a whiff perhaps about the consequences of going green abruptly. What of the gentleman and women who spend the better part of their life span digging for coal to power our economies or burning the earth’s lungs – the trees for cooking and keeping warm. All this is done in the search for comfort.

The challenge that global warming is posing to humanity cuts through our bare nature subtracted of its ideology or religious fanatism, from its masks that mar our nature with a somewhat simulacra of the highest evolved organism that has ever crept the surface of this planet. When we witness floods following heavy rains or Tsunamis we are reminded just how much of a grain of sand humanity is compared to nature. One needs to look at the horn of Africa to see the suffering that is surely to come if we do not listen to the earth: draught, lack of food and water sandwiched by a terrible war of fight for scant resources. The selfish west looks on. It seem to relish the poor countries dependence on it.

On the other hand the problem is that humanity has evolved something else alongside its nature. Materialism. It has conceived materialism which is reflected in the paraphernalia of its gadgetry: machines that comfortable organizes life. These gadgets demand energy to be operated and maneuvered. We should not fail to acknowledge that they are a reflection of power amongst peers. Until telekinetic is possible we are stuck with these implements and they are energy hungry as much as they hunger for attention. As for telekinetic, its proponents argue that it can only be heralded with 100 percentage use of the dough in our skulls. Is there hope where this dough has been refracted and reassembled concretely in the physical realm in our gadgetry system?

Now in dispelling the gloom in this time of the luminous crisis; one thing that is very challenging to a materially evolved human being – moderation in how we conduct our self as we utilize energy lest that very energy bring us to doom.moderation.
In the time to come, the future, the introduction of the approved green energy force should be phased in gradually, taking into account the existing economic energy that exists in under developed, developing and developed countries so as to not, in the distant future, continue the tradition of making new technology the privilege of selected few who belong to the annals of the centers of power.

When humanity’s heart is bleached, when in the not so distant future coal mining industries are abandoned and a move is towards wind catch-mentation and solar-paneling to harvest energy source to continuously power our lives which is dependent on machines, it is the present industrialist workers who should be ported to work in those green economies as they evolve. Otherwise another, an ensuing threat by all accounts, will continue to be abandoned and it will metastasize into unemployment with its devout relative – starvation.

*This article is dedicated to Matthew du Plessis who used to contribute thought provoking abstract articles for TheTimes in a column called The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea.


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