/an aim or desired result/

A little lexical probe into the present word throws us into a game of soccer as far as the Oxfords would have it when one takes a peep at words closer to this nimbus in an entrapment of a word chase. Would we not agree that any game or sport for that matter, that is if we wish to be elegant, is a gamble? And so is the future.

On those last moments of the previous year; at that instance mixed with loathing if not longing of the year that had been, sandwiched in a tinged of regrets, failure and lassitude and by 1Cornelius (George is overrated) a shooting star might have streaked its tail in the heavens as you wished for a somewhat better year that would cometh. Inevitably New Year dawned.

It is an undeclared tradition that our thinking skulls make plans during this effervescent moment about the future. Indeed there is a sense of renewal when the year starts. It could be that the count is reset to the single digits and the months sprawl themselves in their twelve alignment announcing anew a race. In pure reason we are not starting at naught but still counting onwards. But problematically-inserted would be new plans and ambitions as in to finally get the yard clean, replace the worn out and torn stuff of our surroundings.

But herein is our greatest mistakes in all things considered, making new plans. You can clean your yard for decency sake but it is not really necessary to make new dinosaur-nic plans. Give this remark a thinking cap and you will realize that all you have to do is to pick up where things have been left last year when the go slow effects of end year festivity set in should you not have tied up all the loose ends. After all our measure is in what we complete.

Should we fail to tie those knots off we would be like sporadically flying bird that flies hither and hither building nests for which there is no mate yet to raise the little ones. Time will dash them into oblivion. We first have to do the courting.

The trick is to go about one’s business as usual. Enrolling in courses if an intellectual pursuit is our thing, Get the children to school as it should be, hit the gym to flatten the stomach or tighten the bum. Ones all these mundane things have been distributed accordingly into your life’s routine, your possible goal for the current year if not one of a possible many should surface and be thrown into relief. And, pardon the rhyme – if there is any – you will also be relieved that you now know what this year ought to be all about for you. Fair well.

14 January


© Mmutle Arthur Kgokong 2012


1. I have met a few Georges in my little life – interesting characters; it is the Corneliuses I have not encountered except of course in that gripping saga – Planet of the Apes.