(Neck) around the (corner)

/the part of the body connecting head to the rest of the body/

/a place or angle where two or more sides or edges meet/

Copy of 2dA devoted reader of mine commented on my Freedom article that 1she was in absolute disagreement with me for implying that the elite in this country needs to distribute their wealth to the struggling masses left to fend for themselves in the margins of our mythical Rainbow Nation. For him, did I say him? (so much for self censoring) They preferred that the land be returned to its rightful owners so that the ‘Bantu could plant miellies and organic veggies, shear Sheep, sheppard Goats and breed cows for meat and milk in peace. This he asserts will be a way to assert the destiny of the disenfranchised in South Africa.

My flimsy mind irresistibly argues that farming will be difficult to get into flawlessly considering hundreds of years lost, decades of displacement and brain stunting due to the terrible monstrosity of separate development that held the nation back. It isn’t thoroughly part of our DNA anymore. At least not all of us find the smell of the farm alluring. Though we understand the importance of a plaas. As much as the white separatists will argue that things were kosher under their tyranny and that we need their hegemony more than ever  we know very well that their ideology was poisonous and that it favoured minority development above that of the rest. As you read this they are probably holding their breath for the present regime to fall flat on his bum with blunder. We may have to re-establish farming formally as an important study and practice at our schools as well as Universities so that when the land is finally expropriated legitimately you have trained farmers who will serve a vital role in making a success of whatever land people will accumulate.

Perhaps farming is not even the people’s interest when they finally get their hands on that land – maybe mining is. Maybe they even want to build casino resorts for people to spend some money there. Whatever it is that the people will be interested in when they finally get back the land the question is whether when that happens they will be ready to work the land.

Although my neck that has been chopped at and pinched at by my beloved readers I remain steadfast at the assertion that even if we got the opportunity to get some land how many of us will turn it into a success? Perhaps the field is ready for me to expand on the idea of wealth fettering.

What I meant in my previous article was that we need to rethink nation building in terms of those of us who are part of the new elite in South Africa giving back to their fellow citizens. Especially those who fall under the black’osie (a bantufifaction of the term bourgeoisie) should consider investing in the dreams of their people by being patrons of the masses rather than recycling the riches within their immediate family tree to choke on. That way since they have made it in this mythical Rainbow land they will be doing something to see to it that those less fortunate than them don’t just live to survive for another day but are masters of their destiny. The Rainbow Nation situation is utopian, we have accepted this and the racists remarks that are thrown around in the social media cement this fact. We are a long way to consider each other in the same boat.

Look don’t get me wrong here I am not an oorskit-leftover kind of a guy who craves handouts. I want to knead my own dough like any china out there. There are talented people in our country who are looking for a helping hand if not two to get them started in realising their dreams. If you happen to cruise through our townships you are bound to find a few small businesses which services our communities but most of the time these initiatives, due to lack of support in terms of financial backing or proper training on how to run a business successfully drown out of sight. Usually you will find that that mama who sells fatkoeks and tea at the corner on your way to work or the vegetable vendor outside of your flat together with a telephone kiosk has somebody under their employment or are part of small enterprise that works for the mutual benefit of everyone involved. If that little stint of business experiences financial crises two perhaps even three people will be without a source of income.

With my neck still jostling ninja chops in a dark corner I maintain that if the so call elite or liberal or black’osie with a stash of cash could ask that entrepreneur what part of their business will they wish to polish over so that the business can work like a well oiled plush mechanical clockwork and attract more customers so that its lifespan can be prolonged and two even three people can continue to have a source of income. With a source of income we can experience an uplift of livelihood and self determination in our people. Could we then not experience a situation where our Nation’s children can stay in school and family structures maintained?

Through poverty the family as a vital component of a community and the cornerstone of a nation is under threat. Such was the expression of a lady co-worker of mine the other day when commenting on the relationship between a man and a women, she said a man can be the head however she as the neck can swing that neck whichever way she fancied. If you are indebted to someone you do not have a neck.


  1. I resolved to refer them to ‘she’ to doubly brush away their remarkable identity least they sue for libel.


21 May 2012

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