The Way Back


The Way Back (2010) is a moving tale that reminds us that against all odds there is always a yearn within us to survive and reclaim our freedom. The epic is set during the second world war.
In a grand scale and stunning visuals it tells the tale of a group of escaped prisoners from a Siberian Gulag camp who traverses thousands of kilometres braving the Siberian cold, deserts and other obstacles thrown by nature at them to make their goal a deadly affair. On reaching China they realise that the Communist Ideology has reached that country as well. The third part of the film deals with mental constitution when it is brought to its last gear.

See Jim Sturgess as Janusz Wieszczek, a young Polish inmate taken Prisoner of War during the Soviet invasion of Poland
Colin Farrell as Valka, a tough Russian inmate.
Ed Harris as Mr. Smith, an American inmate.
Saoirse Ronan as Irena, an orphaned teenage Polish girl on the run from Soviet Russia who meets up with the fugitives near a lake. Just to sight a few cast members. (See wikipedia

We give the film a flicking 4def points out of 5def points.