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I woke up in a wonderful mood,routinely made a smashing cup of coffee, read a few passages of an article from a neglected daily newspaper accumulating dust in my cluttered dull study. Logged on the web to fix an error on one of my blog post. In all these developments I was slowly and gently coming to, waking up from sleep, when I happen to receive an inboxing into one of my social networking account telling me that the world is suppose to end today. Shikes, we have heard this story before and there is even a host of literatures that support the doomsday cometh prophesy, I snapped out of my sleep instantly as I stirred my coffee cup into a vortex.

Shoot those predictions never became a reality before. Why will today be different? Often you sneak a look at the telly or you drift an ear on the radio or scout an article about ‘this supposedly last days of our lives’ and you will hear some of the bone throwers or tongue peddlers proudly spitting out that because we have lost our souls the world will come to an end. The stars have proclaimed. That a great purge must come because we have outlived our usefulness mingle with idleness. But the sun rises in the east as it does every morning and floods all cruel and good with its rays. Well if it’s cloudy you can always substitute sunrise with grey light – that will do too.

But back to the gory foundation of the world ending! I say, no one knows when it will all come to darkness and agony. Why should anyone be entitled to the tech that spells doomsday? It wouldn’t be fair, besides the top secrets organisations will never stop bothering that ouke until he gives them the tech in the name of national security. It could be a woman too, she does not have to be a gypsy for that matter. But here is a silver lining in this not so complicated plot of our self entertainment. You are the world. I will explain the short of it, and get back to my cup of hard knocker caffeine while you busk in it.

Remember the article Family? It is all there. Your perception of the people around you and the events surrounding your life constitutes just one single view point of life experiences within billions of life experiences that illuminates reality (if you are not into these sort of stuff now is the time to stop reading). Each viewpoint is unique however somewhat following a basic principle ordained by probability and social contracts, you know the kind you don’t get to sign but agree to.

1) Birth 2) toddler 3) teenager 4) adult and 5) old age. These five haphazard categories of social compartment development have with them naturally set goals in terms of maturity. But it is at 4) that the gears are high and we get an amplification of drama. It is at this point in our life that we come into contact with people striving for the same goals as us not just for experience – but for survival. In our genes the code of this competence stretches as far as the cave folks for here we are duelling it out for material acquisition and comfort: best job, best salary, best clothes, best car, best nest, best lover, best every jolly good all everything best. It’s a volcano of voracious competence wherein the weak are plucked out. And at its climax drama queens and kings emerge as man eats man and women eats woman for material acquisition. Simply because we do not share the same reality in manner that we have the same copy of it with the same details of it wherein empathy could be solicited without hard work. There are however stand off characters who will see the wrongness in the tension that is unfolding and will offer soothsaying meditations about boom doom of our cruel competence to each other and therein the doomsday prophecies will emerge in their varied applications: you ought to either experience them orally, televisionally, through the radio or the social media sites and its spew of platfoms will flip snap you to attentively give heed to the end which will never come because no one’s reality is paired with the specific reality of it when it is suppose to happen and in what order. It’s all an entertainingly dull epilogue in a continuous epic battle.

When you die, it is just one flicker of light, one speck of reality illumine which passes out, billions go on illuminating on reality which results in life as man and woman battle with its concreteness inherent in course and effects. And to make the setting lively other people are born into our realm to continuously fashion it towards an ever changing construct.  Back to my cup of coffee before I reach 900th word, mxm.

*see page 1057, Oxford Paperback Dictionary Thesaurus & Wordpower Guide.

21 December

Summer (it was raining the day before; a wonderful shower with a cool breeze afterwards. today’s morning woke up to clouds.)

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