Tag Two

*/a nickname or a description by which someone or something is likely known/
/when someone is acknowledged in a photo of someone within the internet/
*n.b. See Oxford Paperback Dictionary Thesaurus & Wordpower Guide p925.

Enter January. If you thought dizzy tyd krissano is lazy-laid back by way of timing I reckon you haven’t lived through January on a poor bank balance and a queue of wolves eyeing your scrawny wallet bidding their tick-tocks for month end to come because surely it will nosy in. But January is slow as a scrap of a taxi on a late Monday morning. This is the time where you look back through a smoothly clearing fog of ecstasy while reality sets in. If you are a resolution type of a dude nothing will make you more determined on you than this month, the jotmaster, for your sake hopes it does not catch you commuting on a scrap of a taxi. Talk about reality setting in.

In the previous exposition I did promise you a sequel to ‘Tag’. Following the ‘Family’ article, like everybody else, I had to survive the festive holidays to be able to write back. As I am won’t to admit it there is simply no rush in all matters considered to tap into the milky way of a particular word. Such is the nature of the Lexical Galaxy; if you are not ready to assimilate a word into your communication repertoire – you are not ready, lest you use the word out of context! Words, they are like an architectural tool of some sort aren’t they?

But for now we will keep the jotterjollyjoy on a low key lest we forget the blues of the start of this odd year something. We will evade boredom. Take tagging on an internautical sphere – the internet that is. Especially if you are a fan of the social network that draws you in ‘like it’ or ‘no like’. But because at a certain point you did sign up for that social media account and went about rallying a few friends or searched for them and hooked up with some good looking not so harmful peeps in the midst of all things considered in the mediated space you are bound to be tagged (pheww full stop). Inbox: so and so have tagged you on their foto. Notification: so and so would like to tag you in their photo. Going through you laser sharp memory you can’t remember when you took that photo with so and so but shezaam there you are smiling back at yourself with so and so besides you with a paraphernalia of a collection of known and unknown characters. Tagging internautically speaking that is a way of other people to endorse their importance in your life. But then there are those photos that claim to have you tagged in them but you are nowhere on the photo to be seen. Talk about rallying for an audience! It’s a cold goose bumps raiser if you don’t even know so and so who has tagged you and by so doing claimed to have shared a memory with you. Leave things as they are and perpetuate a myth about someone or delete the photo and tighten security. The choice is yours. Lets move on.

Then there are Tags or Taglines for brands. Let me throw a few your way

‘So much more’

‘We are driven’

‘Africa’s leading Capital’

‘The paper for the people’

‘Touch tomorrow’

‘Don’t talk to me, talk to my lawyer’

It does not really sink badly if any of these Tags do not rattle your bells. But their usefulness is to rally your support, financially or socially, for a particular product. They are concerned with ideals of endorsement if anything else. It is only when one has experience them that one can attest to whether the product or ‘thingy’ lives up to its promise. But under the surface within and within their hull they are nothing else but marketing ploys. The delivery and the performance of the product make the difference in the ‘thingy’ living up to its premise. You are not mistaken I did say promise a few lines before.

The jotmaster cautions that one must always proceed with caution and accept that they are operating within a risky sphere when a Tag line lures one to itself. Keep in mind the perpetuation of myth stated above. And your bank balance while you are at it.

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21 January, Mid-Summer

© Mmutle Arthur Kgokong 2013