Tag *Reckoning and the persistent Asterisk

/retribution for one’s actions (especially in a day of reckoning)/

The sequel to Tag, Tag Two, which upon its conception I was very proud and hasten to show it to my questionable guru the Jotmaster has not garnered popularity in the blogosphere. The stats so far have been boosted by other entries. When I showed it to him the Jotmaster hinted that its sonic nature alluded to Take Two. Of course he was his skeptical self in thinking that this latest meditation of his will mean anything to me. But it did. Even though my titling of the work was not intentional – I was merely keeping a promise to my handful array of readers. For your information I am still mixing a textual recipe to explore the silent referencing of texts to other text within a verbal construct. And yes I made myself a promise that it won’t be a long dragging outing when finally penned.

No hard feelings. He said as he whistled a beautiful unknown tune to me filling the cockpit. It’s just that you were not alive when Take Two was conceived and released. Neither were you alive when Take Five or the later Take Ten were conceived and released. Conceived and released. I liked that, for I am interested in the repetition of words in successive sentences that foreground and emphasize an idea or concept that pull the sentence at its beginning. His tune melodically went on reaching a pitch of mockery. Theta had flattened take two take five and take ten into an ecstatic blur around the reinforced hover craft cockpit and the bi-grid-keys muted in an array of blues orange and yellow appreciatively. He had earlier on caressed the keys gently.

It’s time for my cup’joe old chum. He whiffed as he walked off to his quarters. You may look in amazement at the canvas but don’t smudge anything you savvy… the paint is not dry. He threw that behind his shoulders before the automatic door slid behind him. It came to my attention that tags do call attention to what is being said. Like they do when someone’s is tagged in a photo. They silently say look at what is being said or, in the case of photos, you are included in this photo post even if the picture frame does not contain you. Come on, look at it. They are some kind of an allusion dive of some sort if you will allow me to get away with it.

I remain overly committed to the last asterisked statement that the post ‘Tag Two has recently been tagged’. Although it would not be found easily in the internet unless the visitor of 21column is devotional to my improvisational writing that is my writing about nothing. Besides an idea is an empty shell until you fill it with a myriad of ideas until something is erected therein when full to the brim. Klibbily-klobboloh in comes an instant message text in my communication device as I counted the T’s in:

Take Two Take Five and Take Ten which could otherwise be expressed as Take (verb) Two (noun) Take (verb) Five (noun) and Take (verb) Ten (noun) swirling around the cockpit until a sonic construction Tick-Toh-Tick-Foh-Tick-Tin. With the former expressed (verb)(noun)(verb) (noun)(verb)(noun) genitivally to make bare their syntactic relations.

You may muse on the word alluded in your next textual nonsense salad, how about that? It was the provocative Jotmaster. I could imagine him smiling behind a smokeless cup of black cold coffee as he habitually does! To tick me off into vacating his Amada he had inserted a devilish emoticon. Swearing to salad my next nonsense entry as homage to him I left for home.

*See Colins English Dictionary (Desktop Edition + CD-rom) page 1355. While there take time to explore closer words in this cluster.


2 February