*the state of being free*a right of privilege*the ability to act as one pleases


A woman cannot assert her independence without, to a certain extent, negotiating or refuting the role of the men in her life. How else can a woman claim that she is free and yet hold on to the ideal that the men in her life should continue to honor her materialistically1 Is it possible for women to be liberated in our various societal compositions which forms the human race while neglecting men? I do think women can be liberated. But just like anything else in the world of worldly things, in the real – that is, they will have to give up certain features that define who they were in the first place, in the original sense of subjugation imposed or self afflicted and must make peace with how men will regard them from there onwards: They will become a competition to men. They will hunker for the same resources as far as careerism is concerned to survive. Hunting never shrunk away to be relished by a few, it morphed into a polished sophisticated something else akin to a sport of brutes

In South Africa there are undeniable signs that women are being liberated. You see it in the career corridors of government institutions as well as corporates. Although quite recently there has been an outcry as far as academia is concerned especially for black women. There you are, you may have wondered when the word ‘black’ was going to insinuate its way writerly into this ‘set piece’. You cannot talk about gender equality and neglect race. They are Siamese twins, these two. Anyway one of the muthis we have concocted is to take a girl child to work2, thanks to Cell C; the cellular network company, a little over a decade ago for this initiative. The idea here, to narrow it down for you, is to show and encourage a girl child that she must strive to have a career in the future. To arrive at her caregiver’s, dad’s or mom’s workplace and find that there are woman working there is a bonus because it projects and cements a possible future as far as what she can become is concerned. It is a day she gets to be involved in certain chores besides observing how work is done in the workplace. This eventful episode might even motivate her to choose certain disciplines in line with what she might observe that day. It is a career guidance day from a practical point of view. This then gives a girl child a sort of a glimpse into a possible comfortable position wherein she would be able to make a living and subsequently not depend on her male counterpart, so the argument goes.

However there are two things that are being left out here which in the long run of things might undermine the headway that a woman is making in our society. First how can we evolve the mental state of girls and neglect those of boys as far as the new role of women in our society is concerned? Secondly, are we equipping girls with sensibility on how to handle power that comes with being in a position of privilege? We have silently blamed men for their ruthlessness leadership which when out in a hunt is justified, but a pinch of leniency will do to win allies as we trap our quarry.

Part of the evolution that our society must be undergoing in order to entirely free women is to ponder these thoughts practically. It is not going to help our society to say ‘Oh yes, mxm, man have had it easy for centuries fold – its girl power time now’ we will breed men who are brutes, who will continue to abuse women simply because they feel undermined, and perhaps justified, if for instances we will subsequently breed women who think men don’t have a place in our society at a certain point in our society and that they are useless simply because they not active contributing members to the progress of our very society. Meanwhile men would have been starved of opportunities that would’ve allowed them to partake in the development of our society in the various spheres that bring balance to the lively hood of our society.

So democratically speaking the liberation of women making headway should not be achieved or motivated by sacrificing boys. Naturally boys would one day be men who are suppose to be supporting to their partners as far as relationships, intimate or career wise, are concerned. The present initiative should be approached at an angle wherein everybody is getting the same opportunities on the same merits, whilst a partnership between boys and girls in a teamwork setting is taught. The economic climate we exists within requires that both partners contribute to the sustainability of the relationship and ultimately, if you will, of our species. This way it would be left to men to choose whether to be brutes or civilized. Anger and fear won’t be a scapegoat to motivate the Neanderthal behavior in men when women assert their liberty to subsist without them. Because men would be bred in an environment that automatically aligns them with women from birth; an environment that offers the same opportunities and sensitivities. And our primary logic will be that each will be at liberty to assert their role individualistically without necessarily being dependent on the other should the situation requires so. Actually this the next step in our social evolution

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11 August

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