An Epilogue to ‘Liberty’

WRITING is a solitary undertaking. It can always be akin to a striptease activity harboring towards the naked exposure wherein the pole becomes a limp and useless thing at the climax of the show. Your readers are bound to make certain assumptions about you as you put your soul out there in order to drive a point home. If you are committed to writing at an intense level, sometimes you even reveal your deepest ideals, especially when dealing with something that eats away at you and personally you feel next to no one as you brave a step into the forbidden alleyway to confront the so called Elephant in the room head on. Your readers might just have it in their head that they know you. Do they? Rare are those moments when someone will read your work, feel a connection and seek you in the public square to proudly announce that they heard your gospel and that it spoke to them. It is a sham if a writer pretends to hold on to certain ideals while falsely misleading his readers simply because he wants to score a crowd. Readers read between the words.

It is easy to hide behind a façade that pleases those around you, the trouble is the day the lid is lifted off to revealed that you are not who you have been pretending to be everything about you will be brought to such a harden five pound questioning pounding that all you have ever been will be flattened into a medallion of falsehood as you are brought into a grinding stop. So by way of a rewind to my last outing in the set piece entitled – ‘Liberty’ – I offer neither remorse nor apology. I feel very strongly that if our society was to make in headway in upholding women values our Boys must be developed too in order for us to arrive at an evolved society such that we may experience something akin to congeniality as far as the battle of the sexes is concerned. Boys and girls must be developed equally.

It is easy to hide behind a façade that pleases those around you

After that textual composition I somehow came to a conclusion that the next stage in men’s evolution is for them to develop towards their feminine sensibility side. Why not? men’s quest driven by a yearn to conquer everything that stood in their way has been mastered and chronicled very well. But not their gentle side, the last bastion is the inner world of men. A world the society has denied men to be in contact with. Our softer side, that side that quite recently men has outwardly began to acknowledge that we are not so tough is just that we can suppress our scarred, hurting and the insecure part of us deep within our psyche and bounce back from the harsh impediments of what the social realm throws at us as it demands that we perform beyond our peak often using these weak points to motivate our aggression. For our societies’ sake may the world accept that stage in men’s evolution when it finally sets in, when a man can declare his sovereignty and not comply to societies expectations… women are handful knots ahead in not complying to societies’ expectations.




25 August

© mmutle arthur kgokong 2014