Speed Blog: 21 September 1976

I am writing this shortly before I turn 38. Let me give it to you in a straight line, I never feel any different on my birthday. But naturally like any other person I do reflect on the preceding year with some sweetness and bitterness. Besides, due to the fact that I am not a hermit there will be reminders in the morning that I am not alone in this journey we call life as close friends, family and colleagues heap happy birthday and a good year ahead wishes to me.

Over this nothing compares to when a silent friend whom has fallen off the radar chips in as well to the happy birthday mount. Ah, It revives one’s hope in second chances in friendship and cements one’s positive resolution in one’s faith in humanity. So I would like to thank you all in advance for being in my life and for your support in my life’s work especially as far as the writerly is concerned for reading my textual spins and weaves.

Someone in some distant text many readings away somewhere pointed out that writing is a solitary activity. Agreed! I hazard to tell you that it is also a striptease sideshow and a private one at that, wherein that the lyrical I stands alone, always, without a middleman. Except on those rare occasions when someone whistle that they agree to disagree with you or that they agree. So as I round off this little jot I can promise you in advance that I aim to strive to push the envelope further with abstract writing and I ask nothing in return but for you to spare me a read and a following as I explore writing farther. We meet when I am 38! With greater possibilities.


20 September

© Mmutle arthur Kgokong 2014